Shampoo packing machine|In depth understanding of a few small questions about small vertical packaging machine

Shampoo packing machine|In depth understanding of a few small questions about small vertical packaging machine

Shampoo packing machine|In depth understanding of a few small questions about small vertical packaging machine

2022-01-27 10:01:28

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Vertical packaging machines are suitable for packaging industries such as food, medicine, chemical industry, agriculture, hardware, cosmetics, and fast-moving consumer goods. Below, let us choose some typical cases to analyze how to choose a packaging machine

1. Food packaging machines have higher requirements for food storage, and which packaging is suitable.

Answer: Food packaging usually adopts vacuum packaging, which can retain the quality and taste of food, including meat products and snacks. The vacuum packaging machine extracts the air in the packaged items to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, so as to prolong the shelf life of the food. There are also some puffed food packaging machines that are generally packaged with nitrogen flushing packaging machines, on the one hand for anti-corrosion, on the other hand for flushing nitrogen, and for easy transportation to avoid breaking.

2. Milk powder packaging machine, the characteristics of milk powder (such as hygiene, precision, etc.), how to choose a milk powder packaging machine suitable for the characteristics of milk powder.

Answer: Milk powder has particularly high requirements on hygiene, and is a powdery material. According to the characteristics of milk powder, determine the packaging and measuring method suitable for milk powder: screw metering. Calculate the weight of the milk powder by volume.

3. Potato chip packaging machine, potato chips are crisp and crisp, need to be measured, and how to choose a potato chip packaging machine.

A: Potato chips, flakes, suitable for measurement: electronic scales. Chips are crisp and crunchy and may break during the feeding process, but chips are light and will break due to gravity.

4. Hardware screw packaging machine, screws, hardware accessories, and plastic parts need several kinds of particles and measurement characteristics. For this reason, the screw packaging machine should be selected.

A: In many electrical appliances, hardware, sanitary ware, lighting, furniture industries, screws are required for installation. For these industries, according to the needs of customers, custom-made screw packaging machines basically use vibrating discs and fiber counting. Method of measuring package volume.

5. Granule packaging machine, how to choose a granule packaging machine according to these characteristics.

A: Granules, small granular materials, small packaging bags. A measuring cup can be used to measure its weight.

6. The characteristics of the shampoo packing machine, the fluidity of the shampoo, etc., and how to choose a shampoo packaging machine.

A: Liquids are very fluid and difficult to separate. A liquid pump is used to measure its volume and calculate its weight.

7. The pillow-type horizontal packaging machine is specially designed for the pillow-type packaging of solid objects, and is suitable for packaging various solid and conventional objects.

Foodstuffs used in bulk or individually separated objects, such as food biscuits, breads, moon cakes, candies, etc., as well as daily necessities, industrial parts, remote controls, metal handles, light bulbs, etc. must first be placed in boxes, or bundled into a whole, So that it can be integrated into the whole machine or it can be packaged on this machine. As for other non-solid objects, the necessities must be obtained.
shampoo packing machine